Daily Cloning

Today every University has a BioMedical, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, or Bio-Engineering department where they are actively manipulating and cloning organisms. These organisms would not otherwise exist in nature without human intervention. They are therefore, synthetic and un-natural. They are not just a guided hybridization that would eventually evolve to occurrence.

This abstract sounds like a boast of how scientists altered the genome of a mycoplasma and that the construction otherwise could not be produced with genetic tools available for this bacterium. Note: I know nothing about these scientists, but am only using their industry as an example. I have nothing personal against them or science. I too, am a scientist.

Is this a dangerous organism? I do not know, but the point is that they, the researchers, may not know either. Is this how weaponization starts? I don’t know and I don’t think most researchers intend on weaponizing. Do researches know what the next generation of microbe will do with the new equipment that they have installed, or the next, or the next? Is this an evolutionist’s arrogance to think they can control that which they do not fully understand? If they can’t create the simplest of organisms, what gives them the right to manipulate them?

GMOs are examples of failed experiments in that they do more harm than good. Where are the beneficial examples resulting from changing the natural order by un-natural methods?

Clearly, just because we can, DOES NOT always mean we should!

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