1. Glossary Introduction

There are communication hurdles or gaps between the Christian, Metaphysical, Science, and New Age Communities. For example, the bible may say Jesus “knew their thoughts” and other terms might be “read their minds, telepathy or remote viewing depending on how far away He was from them.”

We have no excuse to pass judgments [most of us are hypocrites that do it anyway] Romans 2:1. Stop passing judgments [and instead try to figure out how to do the opposite] Romans 14:1.

To not use a method just because an opposing group uses it is like saying we cannot pray because people who believe differently pray.



Akashi Record: (Divine Word*) All knowledge exists somewhere out there. See Information Field.

Angels: Heavenly Spirit Guides or Godly Messengers

Anger: A low resonating frequency emotion that is stored as a cellular memory pattern and can contribute to poor clinical outcomes.

Armor or spiritual suit: Force Field or Energy Field

Atonement Healing Perspective: Recompense

Awakening: Awareness that brings revelation or a revelation that expands awareness.


Bach Remedies: High energy flower essence categorized by personality types and used to influence behavior.

Biometrics: In-utero neurological development indicators such as fingerprints, genetic predisposition of physiology or behavior such as blood type or lifestyle indicators such as earlobe creases.

Bosons: Bosons are particles with integer spin (s = 0, 1, 2, … ). They can either be elementary (like photons) or composite (such as mesons, nuclei or even atoms). There are five known elementary bosons: the four force carrying gauge bosons γ (photon), g (gluon), Z (Z boson) and W (W boson), as well as the Higgs boson.


Chakra: (Eye Singularity Perspective*) Energy points at the plexuses of veins, arteries and nerves.

Cellular Matrix Memory: The body never forgets an assault and our emotional field never forgets an insult. These traumas are recorded in connective tissue memory patterns

Clearing: bio-communication technology to erase vibration residual left behind from past physical and emotional traumas from the cellular matrix memory

Co-creator: Our participation in creation through our creativity.

Co-infector: Typically there are primary and secondary infectors in an infections. The secondary infectors are also called co-infectors.

Connective tissue matrix language:  Vibration frequency signatures in tissues of our body.

Conscience: Our inner self and moral sense

Conscious: Aware state of consciousness

Consciousness: Aware of self existence and self awareness

Cymatics: (Jericho’s Wall Collapsing Perspective*) (Joshua 6:20) The science of sound as a tool. Sound waves used to shatter kidney stone (sonic), explode rocks, levitate objects, mine minerals out of the earth and break down the walls of Jericho.


Dream: An unconscious expression of emotion using symbols while we are asleep.

Dream Decoding: Interpreting emotional symbols; Dream Symbolism

  1. Flying: Responsibility freedom; 2. Naked: exposed, defenseless; 3. Snakes: change, manipulation; 4. Animals: Instincts 5. Houses: security: together or falling apart; 6. Falling: out of control, unsupported; 7. Chased: Identity resolution;  8. Water: Emotions: Calm or turbulent; 9. Sex: Trust or no trust; 10. Spider: Web (world) complexity; 11. Teeth: Losing face; 12: Transportation vehicle: movement (rushed or stagnant)


Electromagnetic Field, EMF

Normal EMF is what is created by nature or our bodies. Unnatural EMF is created by manmade machines or technology.

Electrical Trauma and Exposure, ETE

Electrocution or exposure to high voltage sources

Emotion: An affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate or the like is experienced. Emotion is a state of feeling and a feeling is the sensate experience of the emotion (Macquarie Concise Dictionary)

Emotion Energy: “negative” emotion has the potential to be “positive”. It’s only energy. We don’t judge each end of the magnet as good or bad; similarly it’s counterproductive to judge an emotion as good or bad. Emotion energy manifests as a vibration frequency.

Emotion Vibration language: a continuous pattern of vibration frequencies can be recorded erased (cleared), tuned, echoed, and stored in the cellular matrix. Cells continually echo stored frequencies.

Emotional balancing: Positive Affirmations**

Entities: There is an EMF association with the supernatural, otherwise, Sam and Dean Winchester would not be using Gauss meters. One participant claimed that fear was so real to her that it was a shapeless being that she could feel near her. During the EVOX, I told her to try speaking to fear to leave and there was a release. In Case Study 9, there was a discharge release that coincidentally caused a brown-out in the area of and including our office. It is the Christian belief that entities cannot possess our soul unless invited but they can attach. What if they electrically attach to our EMF? What if the EVOX helps dislodge them?

EVOX: The EVOX protocols are non-drug, non-talk and non-invasive techniques based on the premise that they will reduce harmful, negative emotions on an energetic level. They use electronic frequencies customized to an individual’s emotional state voice map. The change in emotional state should change the individual’s perception of their emotional issue.

  1. Testimonials – Promotional
  1. Testimonials – insight, compassion, instincts, lighter, potential, performance. Defines voice mapping
  1. Fear of water
  1. Explains clearing cellular memory in connective tissue using biofeedback
  1. Water holds memory. Mental blocks
  1. Testimonial – Empowered, emotional healing
  1. Testimonial – Gratitude


Farmer’s Almanac: (see Maunder’s work on astronomy in the bible). Using of astronomy for agriculture.

Fear:  emotion is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies and one of the highest propensities to result in a physiological condition.

Feelings: describes the sensate experience of the emotion. I feel sad, angry, joyful, fearful, and so on.

Fractals:  Self similar patterns to represent geometric shapes in nature.

Freedom Perspective*: Awakening

Furnace Faith Perspective*: Mind over Matter, Tony Robbins’s Walk of Fire.


Galvanic skin response (GSR): Skin stress response reflective of electrical meridians

Generational Iniquity: Transgenerational Effect

Renounce ancestral curses pasted down in families. Exodus 34:7, “Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting (punishing) the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.” Lamentations 5:7, “Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne (been punished for) their iniquities.”

Gluon: Universal Glue

Quarks and gluons are virtual particles of light and sound that are at the origin of all matter (2010 Nobel Prize for physics).


Happy: When our state of mind is pleasant most of the time (Maxwell Maltz).

Healing: Spontaneous or miraculous recovery. If the reality is that we create our own misfortunes by believing a lie, then, we can stop it! We can create happiness, wealth and healing by believing the truth. “But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5 The instruction I have received from Dan Bennett at Gateway Church is that if you do not recognize and acknowledge that salvation is a package deal there are consequences. You received the mind of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Healing of the Body. So, open your mind’s eye and see it. Open the eyes of your heart, and see it. See His report and not the world’s report. “Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks from the cup in an unworthy manner will be held responsible for the Lord’s body and blood”. 1 Corinthians 11:27

Higgs Boson: “God particle,” is believed to be the particle which gives mass to matter. The “God particle” nickname grew out of the long, drawn-out struggles of physicists to find this elusive piece of the cosmic puzzle.

Homeopathy: High dilutions of a substance until only the energy field remains.

Homeopathic miasm: energy field representation of a genetic predisposition to a specific symptom or behavior pattern handed down from ancestors. TGR is to interrupt the transference of this field or break energy patterns that hold a current posture.


Information Field:  The universal knowledge of all things: creation, structure, function plan and purpose of each atom to Adam (past, present and future).

Intention:  Motive behind a thought.


Jealousy is intolerance to a perceived rivalry or advantage.


Kinesiology:  Muscle testing based on the body’s energy meridians.

Kingdom Self:  Spirit being of God’s light.


Law of Attraction: (Abundance Perspective*) Positive thoughts attract positive experiences.


Matter: Purposed into physical reality from the wave nature of the quantum field. Everything in our universe is part of and is comprised of the quantum field. Matter itself is made of waves. All matter in the universe is interconnected as and by quantum waves which have no boundary.

Medium: One who channels or a psychic.

Mind over Matter: (Furnace Faith Perspective) Focus and concentration can override a crisis situation.


Near Death Experiences, NDE:  When one’s consciousness leaves a body that has no vital signs.

Nirvana: Heaven

Noetic:  Science of Consciousness, i.e. Institute of Noetic Science (IONS).

Non-local:  Phenomenon not occurring at the originating location or not in the physical world.


Organ Transplantation Psychiatry (OTP): Originating in the US, a new branch of psychiatry has developed in order to deal with personality changes due to organ transplant.

Out of Body Experiences, OBE:  Consciousness leaving a living body


Parable Symbolism

  1. Scorpions: demons; 2. Attacking birds: demons; 3. Thorns: demons   4. Mountain: consciousness; 5. Kingdom: presence of God; 6. Seed: intention; 7. Vineyard: world; 8. Master or Father: God; 9. Fruit: Lives, works; 10. Branches: Groups of people; 11. Fire: judgment; 12. Servant: The Lord’s prophet.

Power to move things with thought Perspective*: Telekinesis

Prayer:  Spirit communication, Channeling: Practice of communicating with God. Prayer accesses the channel to God. It would be nice if we could say or know that the EVOX can turn up the volume on hearing the answers to our prayers or in the delivery. “Call to me and I will show you things you didn’t know before.” Jeremiah 33:3

Psychic:  One who has the ability to access the information field or Akashi Record.


Quark: Smallest known particle in the universe. Has an unusual characteristic of having a fractional electric charge, unlike the proton and electron, which have integer charges of +1 and -1 respectively. Has a charge called color charge. A quark is basically a wave very close to a sound wave.

Quantum field: A subset of the zero point field. The quantum field occurs as a result of the interaction of the electromagnetic waves of the zero point field and the subatomic particles of the quantum field. The interaction results in scalar waves.


Receiving Information Perspective: Download

Re-framing perception: enlarging the view frame around our perceived reality to get the whole picture. Change your perception, change your reality.

Releasing Pattern: This is the indicator that the percentages noted on each voice map going in a counterclockwise direction had increase sufficiently for a beneficial result. In terms of quantum energy: the perception focus was energetically shifted toward an ideal healing field.


Scalar Waves:  Waves that do not have direction or spin but in reality are interference patterns that are transformed via a holographic fournier transformation into material reality. This transformation is conducted by consciousness.

Sorcery:  Pharmacopoeia

Skin Conductance Response SCR:  These responses are utilized as part of the polygraph or lie detector.

Soniceuticals:  Vibrational nutrition for your emotional body.

Subconscious perception: a judgment (subconscious agreement about) of a person, thing or relationship.

Symbols: ‘A picture paints a thousand words.’ That’s the reason why we dream and parables are in symbols. You can say a whole lot more with an image than you can with a sentence.


Traumas:  An occurrence recorded as physical or emotional low frequency vibration in connective tissue memory patterns.  Instances documented as being passed on in organ transplant.

Transgenerational Reframing (TGR):  Addresses Generational Iniquity. It is a Zyto Evox technique for Global Perspectives to reframe ancestral inertia.

Transcend:  To rise above human understanding.


Universal Glue: Gluon


Visualization: (Think on things perspective) See using your mind’s eye.


Wall Collapsing Perspective:  Cymatic precision drop of a structure.

Word of God Perspective: Inspired Living Document, Extrasensory Perception (ESP)


Yahweh Breath: Fiat, something from nothing.

Yoga:  (Temple worship perspective) It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice of exercise, relaxation and meditation that originated in India.


Zen: (Kingdom Living Perspective) Meditative state to attain enlightenment.

Zero-point energy: The vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero.

Zyto:  Bio-communication instrument.

  1. Defines stress, homeostasis, residual stressors, stressor support, Galvanic Skin Response
  1. Defines biological preference, bio communication

*See Quantum Conscience for references and details.

Visual Glossary

Sound is 3-D: See video.

Voice Map: Here is an example:  Zyto Scan Mycoplasma E-Vox Release

Vibrations determine shapes: See video.

Words Matter: Words change matter either positively or negatively. Dr. Emoto showed how water restructures according to specific words, see link.