Voice Tells No Lies

Table of Contents

I. How EVOX works
A. Procedure
B. Behind the scenes
C. Session options
D. Optimizing sessions
E. Technology background

II. Clinical Practice Application
A. Conventional emotional problems methods are not enough
B. New approach

III. Candidate Education and Paperwork
A. Education
B. Intake forms
C. Schedule session(s)

IV. Emotional Topic Table

V. Emotional Zones Table

VI. Interpretation
A. Identify low frequency negative shifts to a perception vantage view
B. Notice subtle changes
C. The power of perception
D. Generational Perceptions

VII. Results
A. Case Of Quantum Wellness
B. Case Studies
C. Reported comments from Zyto Corp

VIII. Conclusion

IX. Additional Resources

X. Glossary